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Galendar Affiliate Program
If you would like to partner with us and become an affiliate the instructions below will help you to create the necessary links, it's a nice easy way to create extra revenue from your website and/or email campaigns and we will give you a massive 40% of the Net profit as commission for referring sales to us!

So Every time someone buys our product you get paid it's as simple as that. I use ClickBank as a separate body to handle all the online affiliate tracking for Me as a third party to ensure commissions are fair.

they also take payments from the customer and then pay the commissions to you so there are no mistakes; once you have an account you have your own statistics within your account to keep track of any sales you will need to create an account there before we begin.

So if you do not have an account with ClickBank;
Go There Now and create one It's FREE

The unique links track your referrals that you send me from your website so you will be able to check your commissions and get your cheque.

Now you have an account at ClickBank you should have your nickname. To manually insert information into a link the URL you require is:

Replace NickName above with your new nickname from ClickBank.

How To Make Your Affiliate Link

To see your affiliate link code enter your ClickBank nickname below and click the button.

Your ClickBank nickname:

Here's your affiliate hoplink url:You can put this link in emails etc.

Here's your affiliate hoplink in html: Put this on your web page as a text link.

Important guidelines:
As an affiliate, you have my permission to copy any of the text, images or testimonials from my web site in order to promote this product. Please use these graphics on your own server and do not link to the ones here.

I do not support or condone any sort of Spam activity so please do not do it, if you do you could forfeit any commission earned and get removed from the program perminantly additionally, your ISP may take away your right to be online, it's just not worth the bother.

if you email the link out to others on your list, a short introduction and recomendation if you have used the product is enough, don't forget to put in your unique link;~)