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Version 1.06 For Windows 98-2000 ME + XP


Globel Data Directory (Globel Root Path)

This is where you tell Globel to store it's main Data files, here you must ensure that you give the correct path to your Globel Directory otherwise your program will not function correctly, additionally this path or location must never change otherwise you will loose past data.

Single Computer Set-up:
If you are going to use your program on one machine and do not need Globels network facility you should tell Globel the local drive you wish to store it's data files on, you only need the root of the drive itself and it is better to set Globel up this way, however; you can get Globel to live in a directory with little problem however; it's just not always a good idea to do this.

Local root drive syntax: "C:\" or "D:\" etc.
Local directory drive syntax: "C:\foldername\" or "D:\foldername\" etc.
*Always with the trailing slash

Networked Computer Set-up:
If you have a network you must have administrative rights to the server that Globel will sit on, it is always better to set Globel up on the server to centrally distribute information between it's clients, usually you will find a "Data Drive" on the server specifically for this purpose and will usually need an administrator or your IT personal to set it up for you, the following is a list of things you need to do before filling in the new path for Globel.

1. You should create a new folder on the Root "Data Drive" on your server this folder should be named with the following syntax "Globel" don't worry about anything else globel will naturally build it's subdirectories under this folder.

2. The folder you have just created should have full read/write properties for the clients wishing to connect to it; you can create a user group for the program so your staff cannot gain access via programs like windows explorer. All users clients and groups should be given access to this folder with your own security policies in mind.

3. Once this is set up your ready to enter the root path to your server itself in all your clients, you do not need to enter the directory details Globel will find it! And DO NOT create subdirectories whilst using Globels networked feature the syntax is as follows.

Mapped Network Drive syntax: "E:\" or "F:\" or "E:/" etc.: Or
Mapped Network Name syntax "//SERVERDRIVE/" OR "\\SERVERDRIVE\"
This will depend on your individual network Set-up; you can also form a WAN Set-up with the use of domain names etc.
*Always with the trailing slash,

Please press the Connect button after you apply this information to test your configuration in Galendar and to test database connection.