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Version 1.06 For Windows 98-2000 ME + XP

Galendar started its life as a project in February 2001 when a central heating company approached me for a quick and simple solution to a problem?

The problem: was how can we have a week to a view program-containing all our information on one screen additionally the location of all our engineers if possible referenced by colours?

Galendar was the Result..........

The company still uses Galendar and quite a few other companies now in my local area for simply knowing where everyone is in one quick and easy application that quite literally anyone can use and most of all they all love it.

Where it can be used.
Most small service companies with engineers that go out on call/service or installation it provides instant information in a simple table interface! However it's not limited by this it can be used for personal use as well!

Will it evolve?
It already has! The version you are looking at today on this site is for a single computer, however there is a network version now that uses a central server database so that all terminals can be updated instantaneously on any changes to the current week to view.

Why now?
Why not! The program has been used extensively within companies in my local area it has been tested as a good simple to use product and now I thought it was about time to release it into the world